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do you ever just feel so awkward when you buy something and pay in cash and the cashier gives you the change back but you take a few seconds to put the money in your wallet and you can feel the world judging you from afar

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possibly the ghettoest video online ever 

This is one of the best songs of all time, nigga.

fuht deh ho

hhet idd frumm da bakk


Um…… :O

lmaoo, i need to make them my friends. 

turns into mp3 



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You know what I realized?

I realized that I’m not close to people as I used to be with them. Honestly, I could care less if I’m not close with people anymore because it’s just whatever. If they want to be in my life then they’ll make an effort to. No need to waste my time on people who don’t matter. I’m done trying to save friendships and trying to keep in touch with people who I used to be close with.

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Stop leading people on.


If you don’t know what you want, then stop making it seem like you do. It’s so unfair to the other person because they don’t know whether they should put their guard down for you or raise it up even higher. You can’t just keep taking two steps forward and another ten steps back. Sooner or later, karma will bite you in the ass and you’ll lose to your own game.

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if i was dating a celebrity my twitter bio would be “stop sending me hate i can have sex with him whenever i want and you can’t haha later peasants”

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lmao my twin

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DANEE PHERMSIN.: On the way to work today, I came across an elderly man who taught me...


On the way to work today, I came across an elderly man who taught me that being selfless is one of the most important things in life. I learned that giving is more important than receiving. And that there is someone out there, probably even plenty, who need your help and need a soul like yours if…

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♔ d r e a m c h a s i n ': I hate to speak on a subject that is already so popular and overdone,...


I hate to speak on a subject that is already so popular and overdone, but I find it absolutely sad that so many girls these days don’t nearly have the self-confidence that they should. We get so downtrodden when we see gorgeous girls that seem like they have it all. We ask ourselves, why don’t I…

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♔ d r e a m c h a s i n ': Love In The Wind.


We all strive to be loved, appreciated, and to be happy. There are times where we find that in someone else. In them, we see the one thing that we all lack deep down inside——hope. This single person, who was once a stranger, becomes your entire world, who makes life beautiful….

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